Long time but good news!

When first diagnosed was told 93% chance of my Prostate Cancer returning in 2-5 years. PSA at diagnosis was 20.61 but the last visit with my Rad Onco was 0.27 and she said: “I am no longer worried about you.”

Feel great but knees shot. Old age, wear and tear, an offshoot of hormone therapy?
I don’t care, I am here and love life, family and my wife.

When asked how I am I almost always say “Could always be worse” Have been but positive attitude makes it better.


Here we are, Novenber 3rd, 20017. Qnother Great Day! Really!
As I usually put it “I’m on the right side of the grass and know it”

Now only two more Lupron shots then the slow return to “normal” hormones.
With my PSA last tested at 0.27 and the hope the next,this
December, will be lower too, I am very happy!!! YEA.

Still get tired easily, still get hot flushes, night sweats every night but all good.

I have avoied all the usual expected signs of Cancer and even,unfortunatly, gained some weight. Lupron does that.

All medical types have been great in interactions and concerns about me the person not the cancer patient.

Side note then have to go: I have spoken with 4-5 medicals about erections. All but one have been female. At first was a bit odd but if they ask I answer honestly.
But is weird to think that I have been asked questions about my erections, or lack ther of, by women. Never in my life did I expect to have open honest conversations about that. Never.

Great News!

Have to backtrack to best understand my excited title.  Back at my initial diagnosis meeting for planning with my Radiation Oncologist, lovely lady, she told me that there was a 93% chance of a recurrence of my Prostate Cancer.  93%? not good odds. Scary bad actually.

Well in late September, after looking at my 0.27 PSA, she told me she is “not worried anymore”.   NOT WORRIED!  The best news I have had in decades – right up there with my now wife saying yes when I asked her if she would marry me.

Ok so now it August and later this month I go for, what will be my 20th Hormone shot of 24.  Yeah!!!

Drains me of energy, hurts my joints and sleep much closer to 10 hours.

Maybe that’s why the Insurance company classifies it as Chemotherapy.

As a side note, so far other than office visits (many) this whole Travel with Prostate Cancer has cost us less than $200.

Week good when not tired. If tired just slows me down, so not a bad week: just slow.

If there is someone reading this that has thoughts….please comment.

All for now.


Bob’s My Travels with Cancer

Today I begin my Blog on My Travels with Cancer.  Need to say Travels because I first had the Cancer diagnosis in 1975 and with another Cancer 40 years later in late 2015.

Please understand that my writing is more like a conversation than what a professional writer does.

You could say I was lucky with the first Cancer, testicular, because after surgery, then radiation, all in a rush, rush manner I survived 40 years without issues.  But luck with Cancer?  Only those that have dealt with Cancer personally can understand how silly that is.  You are forced to admit you are mortal.

Cancer is never off your mind, ever.  Yes after 10, 20, 30 years or more not so much but it never leaves your mind.  Got married, raised 2 kids, have a grandson and of course a loving wife.  Close to actual retirement and then – !BAM

Prostate Cancer, Stage 2, T2c to be specific.  Aggressive on top of that!  Cancer again thrusts its blade into my life.

Those of us that have 2 diagnosis of different Cancer, years apart, seperated by a life really, might have a different way of looking at the second one.

Yes – still life altering, Yes – still scary  but for me this time there were decesions on treatments including the one that befuddles me – do nothing but monitor.  Surgery or Radiation are the two I had to choose from.  There were others but not for my stage.

More to follow!